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Ashley’s dedication, honesty, integrity, and fairness are the core principles within her real estate career. In addition, she possesses a keen sense of the local luxury real estate climate, allowing her to guide her clients in acquisitions of primary residences, second homes, and investment properties.

“I care about people, especially my clients. I’m committed to offer the best service to all of my clients and prospects.

Born and raised in Hollywood, FL and being part of a family that has been in the real estate business for over 55 years. Not only She understands the importance of providing a truly personalized service to her clients, but also putting their needs ahead of her own and paying close attention to every aspect of the transaction.

I want to be able to provide a unique service experience to everyone I serve. I’m a good listener, therefore it’s easy for me to take notes and concentrate on my client’s target goal.

One of the things she loves the most is to help her clients achieve their goals, whether they are buying or selling any type of property with me. She always wants to make sure they are satisfied 100%.

She a reliable and professional real estate agent dedicated to assist serious buyers and sellers. She is committed to offer premium service to all her clients and prospects with integrity and professionalism.

She also loves laughing at good jokes. Spending time with friends and families. Music and dance. Good food and wine.

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